Bergmann rebranding initiative

Using the brand guidelines established by Dixon Schwabl, the marketing team implemented the Bergmann corporate rebranding. I created templates for brochures, proposals, business cards and other print collateral that supports business goals and generates business development opportunities for the company.

Our main goal was to create effective techniques for keeping brand standards consistent throughout the regional locations.

New corporate email signature for employees. For a shorter version in reply emails the first two lines of the signature may be used.

Two pager brochures are used for Bergmann locations, markets and services. The design is adaptable for different needs, featuring different highlighting options for quotes and feature projects and many opportunities to display project images. Four pager brochures are available when we need to convey additional information.

A series of tempates were created for InDesign, as well as versions for Word and Publisher as well (as a majority of the company does not use InDesign). Each template contained style guides to help the user. Templates were created for proposals, resumes, Rep Job sheets, and other items employees may need such as memo or fax sheets with a standard header and footer. 

The rebranding of all of the corporate pull-up banners was also an important step of the process. We created a new banner for each market and service, several general corporate banners, and a couple recruiting specific ones.